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 a lot of the West voice translation of the word, plainly, completely embodies the Japanese ism. Hiragana, in addition to one or two words, basically evolved from kanji katakana cursive, is the Japanese version of Chinese pinyin, you can often see small font above hiragana katakana, I feel like a child learning English HELLO edge Kazakhstan is written myself. Japanese is not good, not even Japanese, Chinese, Japanese, you can watch guess half understand, why is half understand, because some words Chinese and Japanese literal intention is different, suchnew balance 620 mens  as the Japanese [car] (ki shi ゃ) meaning is a Chinese train, estimated in accordance with the terms steam locomotive made, we Chinese car is [automatic car] (ji-do-u-shi ゃ) --- their own path of the car, after Japan's Meiji Restoration began studying Japanese in the West, appeared in Japanese a large number of Western voice translation of the word, such as Email "electronic メ Hikaru" in Japanese pronunciation "Yin coal road", but most young people read "Iraq coal road." A large number of Chinese Spanish Japanese a little let Uncle: Ha myself ah, good meal, downstairs Missy now! Feeling. Personal feeling is stronger than the attitude of the Japanese Chinese

Korean stick, I never learned Korean, Japanese voice heard and the Japanese word, is the word Han tone, you can stick out to the Chinese, and made himself the Constitution said they do not understand. Japan is now engaged in a year annually word, ask a monk Dade comment a character to summarize the past year in Japan, I have a bit of the mother Mixed words.Clothing, time to go to Japan, my brother told me not to bring, to Japan to buy, one can better integrate into the local community, one is cheap, inexpensive refers to the discount stores, clothes are basically MADE IN CHINA, but the same is cheaper than domestic brands more than three percent, plus a discount basically half off, electrical new balance 574 sale  almost catch up to go shopping activity Ganzao ranked teams cheaper. Japanese kimono is not to say, when the focus here is Japanese traditional pocket underwear - six feet Fundoshi, I tried on, I feel like men's thong, chrysanthemum uncomfortable, but this is Japan's national essence, figurines have been excavated soil a plastic loincloth, long enough to permit the use of. Meiji government to engage in an open, civilized blonde on the island, and saw two men exposed ass walking, staggering, authorities embarrassed, send notices prohibiting bad habits, like Beijing in recent years may not allow naked.

US forces occupied Japan after World War II, men and women together lost loincloth, as well as "Fundoshi (read KUN)" is not to say exports. But Every summer, the streets of the temple fair, for God sedan chair, his legs between men with "Six Feet Fundoshi" a pocket, "shaped like Dubi men" - this is the "Dubi Fundoshi (read KUN)," said by Come on.Food, the posts have comrade replied, Japan's arable land can not feed the Japanese, and indeed, the Japanese will be less and less hilly ground. Had a summer job with a Japanese tour group ---- my uncle's Japanese students to China to visit, first and then to fly from Beijing to Chengdu to Shanghai, Hainan, China bunch of little devils new balance 373 cheap  kept saying how big ah always fly so long time ah, my heart says Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa have four hours is enough, then take the train to go back to Beijing-Guangzhou line, from Henan, Hebei, are catching up to the summer harvest, looking at the vast expanse of the Great Plains along the railway line and being harvested wheat field , bunch of little devils looked very silent, I think I saw the shock there is greed, and my relationship is also a nice little devils to me joked:. "This is perhaps the reason you when we invaded," I did not speak He's a joke, but then that's the real reason for the war. Pulling away, produced in Japan more expensive than imported vegetables more expensive, more expensive than meat and fish than meat, study three years I tired of eating Fisheries.

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environment interference tactics.Milestones "Golden Helmet" contest, the history of the Air Force trainingIn the Chinese Air Force combat training transformation to reform, a key step"Obviously, the "trump card" forces are not enough of them under the effort. End of the first day of a contest, they 59: 166 lost big score, all players were eliminated in the first round. Xu Liqiang later recalled, that night, everyone was sad not even want to eat rice, and forced to be heads dined, someone started to cry at the dinner table. "Looking back now at the scene, was really nike free 6.0 online  sad and hurt." He said, "At that moment, really appreciate the greatest shame of the defeat of a soldier."More profound subversion, occurred in the pilot's heart.A pilot with "after coursing scared" to describe his feelings, "was so scared that we feel good about themselves; coursing was finally see the difference, find a real stepping stone to improve the combat effectiveness of troops "Another pilot then said: "not played 'Golden Helmet', your tactical thinking is tactical thinking in your organization, after played, became fused with the opponent himself tactical thinking."The pilots of the Air Force Command vibration feedback.

An Air Force leader said: The combat assessment, training in the history of the Air Force has milestone.Self-denial, seek to victoryTime to June 2014. Yan Feng led his regiment once again participate in the "penetration surprise" assessment. In order to facilitate the popularization of this assessment this year was officially named the "Golden darts" contest.Yan Feng confidence. Although this is one of the most challenging in recent years, penetration assault examination.Release penetration height, the entire missile interceptors, these are still he expected. Scratching him most is the target itself. He needs to hit, is a jeep - not alone in the empty space in a jeep, nike free 5.0 sale but many jeep model specified within a range in that one. "From twenty-three km altitude to see, is a tiny black children."In fact, it was originally his idea. "Great goal, we can hit, what does that mean  To a test of the hardest hit." He strongly recommends that turned out to be adopted.He longed to this challenge, with troops, more than a month to prepare carefully for all possible situations have to do the research. For example, in order to exercise the target search capabilities unfamiliar environment, a special place in the field of small targets, the machine searches; in order to exercise a small target to aim and shoot capability to produce many of the same size target, repeated practice; in order to assess range of the natural environment The adaptation, they also

 dedicated long distance raid, to the airport transition training range near.But he did not expect the assessment day, whipped up a large range crosswind. If the goal of a little big, the impact of wind on live flight curve also negligible, but why aim is jeeps.. "I did not hit," Yan Feng blushing smile, barely uttered his score: 3 points. "I led the first no fight. Fortunately, our closeout of the head of a bomb hit, or may wiped out."But he quickly drove the regret mood. "I still think this is right. Each target can be hit, easy to feel good nike free 3.0 v4 cheap  about themselves, actually can not stay awake."This happens to be the Air Force exercises to build three brands - System confrontation, penetration assault, the free air combat - goal: not to show muscle, but in order to identify gaps and future wars, stimulate the dynamic forces of hard training.The first to find such a power, is the ace of losing that support powerhouse.After the first session of the "Golden Helmet" contest defeat, the army carried out a review of several months of reflection, Yanzhua combat training, even if they did not forget to engage in aerial combat during the rotation confrontation. Xu Liqiang recalled that he and his comrades have not had a full weekend off, high-intensity overload flight, so the pilots lap left

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, from the beginning of 2011's "Freedom Combat" contest. Because of its highest prize is a golden helmet, also known as the "Golden Helmet" contest."This logic is inter-related." Xu Minjie said, "study the future of information technology air, we found it necessary to enhance the combat capability, but also have to improve the combat capability and aerial ability is based, began a Penetration assault examination, and free air combat assessment. new balance 998 sale "It was also suggested that modern air combat, personal "fight" is outdated, funky is BVRAC. Both sides see when already "kill" each other or "get rid of" In the naked eye. Close air combat training, has little significance.As one of the early promoters "Free Combat" assessment, Xu Minjie do not think so. "BVRAC face many challenges first, you can attack me, I can attack you, in order not to be attacked, the two sides will implement aversion; second, the two sides will implement electronic interference, it is likely no one could see who; Third, dozens of kilometers away, the other

 identify the enemy is friendly, very difficult, and therefore can not rush to war. "When evenly matched, the success rate is not high BVRAC bound to fall short, and ultimately translate into close combat.More directly touch the combat training to strengthen freedom from emotional experience."In the joint military exercises or foreign exchange, see some of the elite pilots of foreign military performance, skilled movements, calm face risks, and the flight showed confidence, admirable." Repeatedly to participate in international exchanges The pilot Wang Yue told the "China News Weekly", "The best reflects the strength of an individual pilot, is freedom combat."But pilots in air combat training to give a greater "freedom", the encountered problems - security.Fighter in the air fast, in order to new balance 620 mens a collision, for a long time, the Chinese Air Force training methods adopted relatively conservative: A and B aircraft in aerial combat machine confrontation, emphasized to maintain a certain height difference.How both have "freedom", yet safe, 2010, the Air Force military unit selects a unit first pilot.Wonderful changes happened. The original fear of collision, that the removal of the height difference would be extremely dangerous, but once determined to study and resolve, to find ways in fact a lot. For example: maintaining close proximity height difference, if there is one report of visual discovery, you can immediately cancel the height difference, the pilot decided tactics themselves; there is no difference between the head flying height, must each turn to avoid the time, can be implemented to avoid the self After six months, the

basic rules established. Air Force sent each of at least four representatives to attend the backbone of training, then back to the present troops mentoring.After that, Xu Minjie chair, set up a discussion group, and more specifically study strict rules of engagement, collaboration rules and safety regulations. After four months of combat against the introduction of a system assessment program.Xu Minjie with solutions to every troops to comments. "Yes comments, but also communication and promotion." He said, "Cancel the height difference is a qualitative change in the combat against doing so is to tell you that we made up my mind."In order to better motivate   new balance 574 sale advanced spur lagging behind, when he was minister at the Department of the Air Force Command Military Kang Weimin proposal, "Golden Helmet" has become the highest award "Free Combat" assessment.October 2011, the first "Golden Helmet" contest war, 12 units of 108 fighter pilots, became airborne, "kickboxing" in the first pioneer.Nobody thought that the fighting is subversive., It is possible to break through interference. These all need to work hard training.

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